The Bachelorette’s, Jesse Csincsak Reunites With….!!

Okay… don’t get excited – Jesse Csincsak got together with some of the other “bachelors” he met on the Bachelorette with Deanna Pappas. He also brought along the new girl in his life, Holly Durst. Holly was one of the bachelorettes on The Bachelor: London Calling with Matt Grant.

Jesse and Deanna broke up in November, Jesse then took to You Tube to speak about his heartbreak.

Jesse told People that he is not really focused on dating but that he does have a connection with Holly.

“I have a great time with Holly,” said Jesse “We’re both from Ohio, we both have a lot in common, and I think that we both really enjoy hanging out with each other.”

As for his weekend with the guys, Jesse said,

“It was awesome, man and it was cathartic. We all got to catch up, chit-chat about how things have been. It was cool, because we all had the same experience, and there’s nobody else out there that can understand what we went through except for the guys that were on the show. It was like we never left. I love those guys, no matter whatever we’re doing — be it drinking beer, playing cards, skiing, snowboarding.”

Jesse did say that the subject of Deanna did not come up. (On the other hand – I was lucky enough to speak to Deanna personally yesterday.  You can read it here on

Leave it to “men” – you have a life altering moment and don’t even discuss it with your friends.

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