An Interview With DeAnna Pappas


I had the opportunity to interview DeAnna Pappas, the former Bachelorette, and new co-host of Get Married.

What a pleasure it was to speak with her.  She is so down to earth and is the same girl that we all saw on the Bachelorette – easy to talk to, pleasant and alot of fun.

DeAnna is now the co-host of Get Married and writes for BloggerBrides, an internet site that is part of On Get Married, DeAnna is the ultimate bride’s best friend, offering brides the opportunity to share ideas, stories and experiences.  She also discusses the latest wedding planning tips and trends.

We also spoke about DeAnna’s trip to Kuwait and Iraq as part of a USO tour.  She shared a lot about the trip and what an enlighting experience it was for her and as she said,

“Iraq was one of the best things in my entire life. It was truly an eye opening experience.”

DeAnna, along with Rachel Smith (Miss USA 2007) and Christine Lakin (from Step by Step), visited 3 bases per day. They went to both the big and small bases. One of the smaller bases was in Sadr City – previously considered one of the most dangerous cities in Baghdad. Some of the soldiers had been on base for 15 months without ANY visitors. Deanna expressed her appreciation for the solidiers on Blogger Brides,

“The experience during the USO tour was very touching, especially seeing the courage and bravery of all the soldiers. You all are my heroes!”


Go to Get Married to read more about DeAnna’s experiences on the USO tour.

This is only part of my interview with Deanna – to read more about our conversation, come back next week ,when I will reveal DeAnna’s thoughts on the “rumor” of her “Going Hollywood”, her relationship with current Bachelor, Jason Mesnick and much more!!

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One response to “An Interview With DeAnna Pappas

  1. Ah, interesting. So did she reveal what the nature of her relationship w/Jason is? I think, hopefully she’s moved on.

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