Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Moving To New York??

I know I JUST posted an article about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt but I HAD to write this article because I am from New York and the possibility of living thisclose to Angelina and Brad is way cool.

There are rumors all over the place that Angelina and Brad are going to move to Lloyd Neck Harbor, New York while Angelina films her latest movie, Edwin A. Salt. Filming is said to last through the summer. They will be renting the Lloyd Neck estate known as Sassafras, which is on the market for more than $60 million. The 48-acre estate once made the Forbes list of the 10 most expensive homes in North America. I wonder if they’ll even leave their estate since the property has three houses — one at 22,000 square feet — as well as two helipads, tennis courts, a pool, and a private cove with a dock. With all that – they don’t have any reason to leave.


This isn’t their actual house – but it may as well be.

Anyone else from New York hoping to catch a glimpse of this iconic couple??



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