One on One With Chase Crawford


I wish it was me who had the one on one interview with Chase Crawford but unfortunately it wasn’t – FabulousMag was the lucky one. He is so very handsome hot. Enough drooling.   Here are some of the more interesting questions and answers that were asked:

When was your first kiss? When I was 10. It was my best friend’s twin sister. We were on a summer camp and every other guy had a girlfriend apart from me, so we got together. I was a bit of an awkward kisser, but she ended up being my first girlfriend, so I can’t have been that bad!

(Talk about getting down to the nitty gritty – celebrities usually stay away from these types of questions.)

But if it was life or death, which male celebrity would you snog? (It’s a magazine in the UK – snog is not a widely used term in the US) If you were holding a gun to me? I would run away.

Do you ever say the ‘L’ word? It depends on the girl – there haven’t been too many though. I’m not looking to fall in love and I don’t have a type, I just look for instant attraction. I’m 23 and living in Manhattan so, believe me, I’m very much having fun being single.

Do you want to change anything about yourself?

I’m always on my phone, always texting. I wish I could switch off more and have more time to myself.

There’s been gossip that you had a gay affair with your co-star Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass. Was it true?

No. It blows my mind that there’s some cultural fascination trying to out people. It’s hilarious.

Since Chase is only 23 and I am just a bit older the movie, ‘The Graduate’ keeps coming to mind. If only:) For the complete interview – go to FabulousMag.


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