The Bachelor – And Then There Were Five


There are nine remaining bachelorettes fighting to the very end for Jason’s heart.

The first date for the evening was a one-on-one date where they had to “sing for their supper”. They had to compose and perform a song for Jason. This sounds familiar – didn’t the Bachelors have to do the same thing for DeAnna Pappas, the Bachelorette?? Jason chose Molly for an intimate dinner date at the Bachelor pad. To everyone’s shock, she does not return from her date – instead she spent the night camping with Jason.

The first date for the evening is the group date. The group date is with Naomi, Shannon, Lauren, Melissa, Jillian and Megan on the set of General Hospital (my favorite soap opera). The bachelorettes get to act out their secret fantasies with Jason. Oh boy – Jason kissed all the women – and I mean kissed. Megan’s kiss was a bit much for the other women to handle – it looked like she was clawing at him. Of course – what would a group date be without the crying. As Jason said, “Everyone is An Emotional Mess”.
To summarize the group date – Naomi cried, Melissa cried, Shannon cried and begged for a rose and Lauren demanded a rose. Megan and Shannon both wanted a romantic kiss – to their disappointment -Jason gave them a friendly kiss. Naomi received the rose on the group date.

There is also a special two-on-one date where Jason takes Nikki and Stephanie out for a romantic evening of ballroom dance lessons and waltzing under the stars. If looks could kill Nikki would be DOA. The rose went to Stephanie and Nikki handled it with such class. Not one tear was shed in front of Jason. Jason felt that keeping Stephanie made “more sense”.

Finally, Jason makes a shocking last minute decision at the rose ceremony – sending three women home instead of two. Shannon, Megan and Lauren were sent home.

And then there were five. Melissa, Stephanie, Naomi, Jillian and Molly.



One response to “The Bachelor – And Then There Were Five

  1. I liked Jason, My heart went out to him. Everybody put Stephanie down. In Jason’s heart ot looked like some very real feelings. Jason, Stephanie, Ty, and Sofia would have a sweet family.

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