The Bachelor – Tonight’s Preview


There are nine remaining bachelorettes vying for Jason’s heart.

To earn the one-on-one date tonight they have to “sing for their supper”. They must compose and performe a song for Jason. This sounds familiar – didn’t the Bachelors have to do the same thing for DeAnna?? The Bachelor will pick the winner for an intimate dinner date at the Bachelor pad, where she attempts to persuade Jason that she is ready for marriage and being a stepmom. To everyone’s shock, she does not return from her date that night!

There is also a group date where six ladies go behind-the-scenes of ABC’s soap-opera, “General Hospital,”. I have to admit a guilty secret – I still watch General Hospital – and have been for at least 20 years. The bachelorettes get to act out their secret fantasies with Jason. Oh boy – I can only imagine what this is going to be like.

There is also a special two-on-one date when Jason takes two women for a romantic evening of ballroom dance lessons and waltzing under the stars. He must give a rose to one woman, sending the other home immediately.

Finally, Jason makes a shocking last minute decision at the rose ceremony. This is one episode I have to watch.



2 responses to “The Bachelor – Tonight’s Preview

  1. Did you know there is no picture of Stephanie with all the other girls’ pictures at the top of the website?

  2. Good Find – You are rt. She must have been cut off. I have to find a new photo.

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