David Beckham Being Sued by Photographer


According to E! News, a photographer had been trailing David Beckham and wife,Victoria, when David got out of his car and approached the paparazzo’s vehicle, enticing him to come out. When the photographer, Da Mata, refused to budge, David’s bodyguard went around to the passenger side and started throwing punches.

As a result, David is being sued by the photographer.

Emicles Da Mata claims he suffered serious injury at the hands of Beckham’s right-hand man, stating in court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that on Dec. 7 the bodyguard beat him repeatedly, grabbed his camera and threw it in a trash can.

At the time of the incident, a police report was filed but there weren’t any official charges brought up on David. I guess after giving it some time and really thinking about all those dollar signs, the photographer decided it can’t hurt to try and get some of that money for himself.

Do you think there should be a law as to how close the paps can get to the celebrities without their permission?? Three to six feet seems reasonable to me.


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