He’s Just Not That Into You


This is one movie that I CANNOT wait to see – especially after seeing all of the press surrounding it.

Where else can you see Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johannson and Ginnifer Goodwin in one room discussing dating. It’s like a slumber party without the pajamas.

My own personal favorite, Ben Affleck, is also in the movie along with Jennifer Connelly, Kevin Connolly, Justin Long and Bradley Cooper – this makes me want to run to the theatre on February 6th.

Jennifer, Drew, Scarlett, and Ginnifer (Chris Klein’s ex) sat down with Extra and discussed what else but dating. Here are their opinions on what it means to date: Jennifer said, (I am not sure what that means – but this is what she said.)

I think it’s just hard to date. It’s not like we’re kids. We’re not dating.”

Scarlett, who is married to Ryan Reynolds, stated, Drew said,

“Dating to me is like you’re with somebody and you’re committed to them. And you have date night, and it’s romantic,”

“I like dinner. I like to be asked on a date. I like tradition.”

To see more of the interview, go to Extra. It’s a great interview. What’s your opinion on dating – do you enjoy it??


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