Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Woods Share A Kiss

Photo courtesy of Reuters

Photo courtesy of Reuters

Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood were caught kissing. It wasn’t the kind of kiss you would see on ‘The Wrestler’, a father/daughter kiss. It was a romantic kiss – the kind of kiss you read about in books, or see on the soap operas. So why is it making news??

Evan Rachel Wood is 21, Mickey Rourke is 56. That is a huge age difference.

Stranger things have happened – after all, this is Hollywood. Evan Rachel Wood, 21, made the headlines last year after she started dating Marilyn Manson (19 years her senior) but since their split in December has she now moved on to 56-year-old veteran actor Mickey Rourke?

The two attended Grey Goose’s Official SAG after-party on Sunday evening but were spotted leaving together. According to Fox News, Evan went upstairs with Mickey when he suddenly grabbed her for a lip-lock in the outside area of the Four Seasons hotel.

The pair have been romantically linked since she played his daughter in “The Wrestler,” although Wood always denied that they were anything more than friends.

Reps for Rourke and Wood did not respond for comment.

Evan Rachel Woods is a young, beautiful woman with an interesting choice in men. What do you think of Evan’s choice in men??


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