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Taylor Swift Launches Her Own Clothing Line


Taylor Swift is teaming up with L.E.I. to help design her own clothing line at Walmart. Taylor is said to inspire the clothing company’s dress line based on her own style. Taylor spoke to New York Magazine and said, Continue reading


Fact or Fiction – Tony Romo Cheats on Jessica Simpson


Do you think there is any truth to the cover of Star Magazine stating ‘Tony Cheats on Jessica’? (The source is not the most reliable).

Just hours after Jessica leaving LA, Tony Romo was seen at Hollywood hotspot, My House. From there he invited a group of people back to the home he shares with Jessica.
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A Day In the Life of Some of Our Favorite Celebrities

Here are a couple of photos of Jessica Alba and Miley Cyrus around town. 

Jessica leaving the gym.


And Miley Cyrus grabbing some ice cream with boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Expecting Baby #3


Elizabeth Hasselbeck is expecting her third child. Elizabeth, who is currently on The View, announced it this morning. Elizabeth is married to Tim Hasselbeck, a quarterback for the Washington Redskins. They are already the proud parents of 3-year-old daughter Grace, and son Taylor Thomas, who just celebrated his first birthday Nov. 9.

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Tim.

Jennifer Aniston Offers Dating Advice


With all of the press surrounding Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming movie, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, the topic of dating has come up quite a bit.

Jennifer spoke to MTV News about dating and the constant scrutiny of the tabloids,

“It’s not fun. You could end the date and shake hands with them and realize it doesn’t work, and all of a sudden you’re a new couple.”

That can’t be easy.

Jennifer did offer a great dating tip,

“Never order a cherry tomato! I was on a date with this guy … there was a cherry tomato and he bit into it and it was all over my white dress. So that was just one side note. No cherry tomatoes!”

I have to agree with Jennifer, I had the same experience on a date with my now husband – except I bit into the tomato and it was all over my face. Embarrassing is an understatement.

Jennifer is certain she’s unlocked the key to a blissful partnership,

“I think I’ve found that relationships are only going to work out when you’re really yourself and you’re not posturing in any way. You’re just honest with who you are… There’s a difference between compromising something and compromising yourself.”

I cannot wait to see this movie. It seems like it is sure to bring a good laugh. Anyone else have plans to see it??

Kelly Clarkson Breaks Record


According to Billboard.com, Kelly Clarkson has made history on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 with her new single taking the largest leap to No. 1 in the chart’s 50-year history.

Kelly’s ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ will go from #97 on the chart to #1 after selling 280,000 digital downloads in its first week of release in the U.S.!

This is the second time Kelly has set the record for the largest jump to No. 1.

In October 2002, her American Idol “victory song,” A Moment Like This went from #52 to #1.

Congratulations to Kelly!!

Best Actor Nominees-Who Will Be The Winner?

On Feb. 22, the Oscars will be given to this years ‘best’ in the movie industry. My favorite category is always, the Best Actor category, and there are some outstanding choices this year. Lets see if we can pick this years winner.

180px-mickeyrourke08tiffMickey Rourke as Randy “The Ram” Robinson, a professional wrestling star from the ’80s itching for one last shot at immortality, in The Wrestler.

215px-brad_pitt_pfBrad Pitt as Benjamin Button, a man who is born old and ages in reverse, in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

thumb1Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, real-life charismatic gay rights leader in Milk.

Frank LangellaFrank Langella as Richard Milhous Nixon, disgraced ex-President of the United States, in Frost/Nixon.

richard-jenkins1Richard Jenkins as Walter Vale, a widowed college professor who returns to New York City to find a couple of illegal immigrants living in his apartment, in The Visitor.