Ashton Kutcher Goes Off On His Neighbor – Anyway Possible

Ashton Kutcher was woken up at 7 o’clock Thursday am by construction taking place at his next door neighbor’s home. Ashton was completely outraged and decided to video tape the incident, post it on qik, and post some nasty comments on his twitter page.

Ashton yelled some expletives into the video. Some of the cleaner comments included,

“This is where my deadbeat neighbor has decided to be building a house at 7 a.m. right next to my friggin’ house. I’m gonna lose it on this guy. This has been going on for four months now! This guy has got another thing comin.”

Ashton later made another videotape apologizing for his morning rant.

To think how far technology has come – within hours every website, news source, you name it were posting the video for all to hear.

Ashton’s wife, Demi Moore, also took to Twitter to try and calm her sweetie down,

“mrskutcher: calm and gentle baby you can pull out the paint gun later!”

I know how hard it can be to deal with difficult neighbors – but videotaping it and having it posted everywhere is definitely embarrassing – especially once you have calmed down. Has anyone ever went to the extreme with a neighbor and if so what did you do??

By Shari


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