Ashton Kutcher vs. Perez Hilton on Twitter!!

I have to admit to something – I have been reading Twitter quite a bit lately. When I first heard about Twitter I could not understand why anyone would want to post their every move or even better why anyone would want to read it!!

After reading Ashton Kutcher’s rant on Twitter (about his neighbor’s annoying construction noise) and Demi Moore’s sweet responses to him on Twitter, I can not stop reading his updates. It’s like that accident you can’t help but look at – you’re eyes just keeping going back there.

Anyway – I was once again seeing what Ashton was up to (we’re friends – he just doesn’t know it yet) when I noticed that he and Perez Hilton are arguing via Twitter. How funny is that. Ashton is upset about Perez’s website slamming his step-daughter, Rumer’s, appearance. I find it a bit hard to read Twitter, as I am a newbie but Check out the conversation below:

Perez (in regard to Ashton’s construction video): You didn’t seem like you were joking. Oh, you Punk’d us good, Ashton. You’re so clever!

some of the conversation must have been deleted.

Ashton: when you have kids you will understand the pain you have unnecessarily inflicted on my step kids life. You can bash me all day.Ashton: but to stand on your web top a beat on a kid for the way they look

Perez: Rumer invited the attention upon herself. She is a huge famewhore – and I totally respect that. I love talentless famewhores!

I know Perez has made a name for himself by being nasty but come on. This is just awful (i know then why am I writing about it??)

Ashton: Honestly don’t even know you and would love to call a truce just lay off my kids man

Perez: I don’t really talk about the other girls. Just Potato Head, mainly. I’m sure she secretly loves it!

Ashton: Come by for dinner some night and I’ll show how much she loves it.

Oh boy, those are definitely fighting words!!

Perez: I’m a fat kid at heart and am still a porker. I love to eat! Say when and I’ll be there.
Perez: invented attention upon herself, why does that bother you? hmmmm
Perez: And I can guarantee you that if I COMPLETELY stopped talking about Rumerzilla, she’d be sad. Very very sad.

So what do you think – did Perez take it a bit too far?? If I was in Hollywood or even a bit famous, I would be afraid of Perez. Very Afraid. His words are probably worse than his fists.


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