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Jennifer Connelly On the Cover of Glamour Magazine

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly graces the cover of March’s issue of Glamour Magazine.   Here is a sneak peak into what Jennifer has to say.

On Relationships:

“I have a thing about honesty; I think it’s crucial to a relationship. Otherwise, one person holds all the power. It’s healthy to be straight-forward, and it turns out you can wind up weathering a lot.”

On being solo vs. being hitched:

“I had enough time being single to know I have no regrets about being married!”

On today’s dating rituals:

“It’s been so long since I’ve dated that I don’t understand what’s going on anymore with things like Facebook and MySpace. A friend of mine wrote “LOL” to me the other day. I thought she meant “Lord, oh, Lord.”

To read more – check out Glamour.com.


The Bachelor’s Preview – Hello Seattle


And then there were five. There were supposed to be six ladies going to Seattle – but Jason chose not to lead the ladies on and did not give out the 6th rose.

This week’s episode is a surprise visit to Jason’s hometown of Seattle – giving the 5 remaining ladies a chance to check out their potential future home. Jason takes one woman on a romantic one-on-one date on a houseboat and escorts three of the bachelorettes on a ferry ride around Seattle and then to a revealing live radio interview. On the final crucial individual date, Jason chooses one of the ladies to take a flight on a seaplane over Seattle before sharing some intimate alone time together.

Still unsure of his decision, Jason pays a surprise visit to the ladies’ hotel and pulls one woman aside for a heart-to-heart talk. Then at the rose ceremony, Jason breaks the rules and seeks out another bachelorette for a final talk. In the end, he must narrow the field to just four women – the four who will invite him into their families’ homes – while one woman leaves in one of the most emotional rose ceremonies ever. (This line sounds familiar)- isn’t that what they say every week??


By Shari

Birthday Weekend for Justin, Ellen and Portia


The Superbowl wasn’t the only place for parties – there were also birthday celebrations going on in California.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi celebrated their birthdays with a joint bash at home on Saturday. Ellen celebrated her 51st birthday and Portia celebrated her 36th birhtday.

Samantha Ronson was there to deejay and brought along girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. People reports other pals included Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette, David Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Another birthday celebration was for Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel threw Justin, a Superbowl themed surprise 28th birthday party on Sunday. The penthouse was transformed with flat-screen televisions brought in especially for the festivities, and the party feasted on gourmet buffalo wings, pizza, mini sliders and red velvet cupcakes.

Let’s not forget Lauren Conrad, from the Hills. Lauren was surprised when she entered the restaurant Lavo and saw her friends, including Lauren “Lo” Bosworth and her actor-beau Kyle Howard (Missing: Her pal Audrina Patridge and ex-beau Brody Jenner.) ready to celebrate her 23rd birthday.

Happy Birthday to Justin Timberlake, Lauren Conrad, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi.

Demi Moore’s Beauty Regime

I have to admit – I am writing this story because I have become obsessed with reading Demi Moore and husband, Ashton Kutcher’s updates on twitter. I can’t understand why – I think it’s because I feel like I am part of their lives by being ‘in the know’. They of course – don’t even know I exist – unless of course they have read the thousands of twitter messages I sent them (just kidding – I only sent a few hundred).

If you haven’t noticed, Demi is absolutely stunning. Gorgeous. According to OK Magazine (not the best source), in an effort to keep her body in the best shape possible, Demi spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive fitness trainers and gym memberships. (It’s working).

Her hairstylist Tara Smith explained:

“No one has better hair than Demi. It’s naturally jet black, not one grey! I attribute it to her healthy lifestyle. She drinks loads of water, eats greens and seaweeds. She doesn’t carry a lot of stress.”

Her make-up artist Erin Ayanian Mon said:

“She has flawless skin. There’s nothing to cover up. We just give her skin a glow with a creme blush and use a lot of sunscreen.”

Whatever Demi is doing is definitely working.

Now do you think she’ll follow me on twitter (Demi – if you read this I am haveuheard1 on twitter)?? Or is it going to be a one way friendship??

By Shari

Jennifer Hudson – Performs At Super Bowl Preshow

Jennifer Hudson gave a flawless preformance of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLIII. This is her first public appearance since the October slayings in Chicago of her mother, brother and 7 year old nephew. Her brother-in-law has been charged in the killings.

Hudson is now expected to resume her active work schedule. Jennifer, who won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in “Dreamgirls,” is scheduled to perform at next week’s Grammy Awards. And her new video for “If This Isn’t Love” is set to debut the week of Feb. 9.