Demi Moore’s Beauty Regime

I have to admit – I am writing this story because I have become obsessed with reading Demi Moore and husband, Ashton Kutcher’s updates on twitter. I can’t understand why – I think it’s because I feel like I am part of their lives by being ‘in the know’. They of course – don’t even know I exist – unless of course they have read the thousands of twitter messages I sent them (just kidding – I only sent a few hundred).

If you haven’t noticed, Demi is absolutely stunning. Gorgeous. According to OK Magazine (not the best source), in an effort to keep her body in the best shape possible, Demi spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive fitness trainers and gym memberships. (It’s working).

Her hairstylist Tara Smith explained:

“No one has better hair than Demi. It’s naturally jet black, not one grey! I attribute it to her healthy lifestyle. She drinks loads of water, eats greens and seaweeds. She doesn’t carry a lot of stress.”

Her make-up artist Erin Ayanian Mon said:

“She has flawless skin. There’s nothing to cover up. We just give her skin a glow with a creme blush and use a lot of sunscreen.”

Whatever Demi is doing is definitely working.

Now do you think she’ll follow me on twitter (Demi – if you read this I am haveuheard1 on twitter)?? Or is it going to be a one way friendship??

By Shari


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