The Bachelor – A Visit to Seattle

This week’s episode is a surprise visit to Jason’s hometown of Seattle – giving the 5 remaining ladies a chance to check out their potential future home.

Jason was supposed to take Melissa on a romantic date but ended up having her to his house for a more casual date since Tye didn’t want Jason to leave. Melissa did not get to meet Tye but did see him sleeping.

Jason then escorted Jillian, Stephanie and Molly on a ferry ride around Seattle and then to a revealing live radio interview.

On the final individual date, Jason chooses Naomi. They took a ride on a sea plane and went rock climbing. Jason expresses his concern over Naomi’s background since her parents are divorced and her mother left.

Still unsure of his decision, Jason pays a surprise visit to the ladies’ hotel and takes Jillian for coffee to have a heart-to-heart talk. Jillian initially went on The Bachelor for an adventure which concerned Jason. Jason wants to make sure she is in this for the right reasons.

Then at the rose ceremony, Jason breaks the rules and seeks out Naomi for a final talk. He wants to make sure that she is ready for the lifestyle that Jason has to offer. Jason sent Stephanie home. It was truly heartbreaking. He was practically in tears and told her in front of all the girls what an amazing person she was. He wants her around as a friend forever. I’m sure she will be thrilled to hear that especially since she came on the show looking for love. Stephanie is a class act and deserves to find someone special.

Next week, Jason gets to go to the hometown visits to see Melissa, Naomi, Jillian and Molly. And then there were four.

By Shari


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