Ashton Kutcher Expands From Twitter to Facebook

Ashton Kutcher

Not only is Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, aplusk, he also has a new web series on Facebook. The series can be found at funspace on Facebook. It is a behind-the-scenes reality series shot at Ashton’s production company, Katalyst Media.

The series,”KatalystHQ,” will be a semi-scripted portrayal of life at a Hollywood production company where the boss is Ashton Kutcher. Ashton spoke to Advertising Age and said,

“What we are trying to do with the show is take the everyday inner workings of an office and elevating that to push the comedy of mundane day-to-day activities.”

What makes this different from the standard celebrity-backed web series is the way it will be distributed, through an application on Facebook. The application is called FunSpace and has been created by Slide.

“KatalystHQ” is the third attempt at a web series for Mr. Kutcher and Katalyst Media, which created the animated web series “Blah Girls,” sponsored by Vitaminwater, and a live webcast called “24 Hours at Sundance.”

Ashton said,

“What we want to do is build a bridge from Madison Avenue to Silicon Valley with a stop in Hollywood. I am enjoying that and hoping to come out of these ventures with a new model for content.”

I looked at the site and a couple of the videos that are very funny. The site is similar to a website with quite a few “channels” (instead of tabs) including animals, news, movies, music and of course celebrity where you can find celebrity gossip.

I know I am going to be spending even more time on Facebook looking at this page. Just what I need – another excuse to be on Facebook. Thanks Ashton!!


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