Joaquin Phoenix Denies a Hoax


Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix has claimed that he was leaving acting to reinvent himself as a rapper. But after an unimpressive, somewhat laughable preformance at a Las Vegas club, most thought his jump to hip-hop was a joke.
Joaquin, adamantly denies gameplay.

“There’s not a hoax,” Phoenix tells the Associated Press of doubts about his sudden transformation from movie star to hip-hop artist. “Might I be ridiculous? Might my career in music be laughable? Yeah, that’s possible, but that’s certainly not my intention.”

If Joaquin really is pursuing his passion for music, I feel badly for him that everyone assumed his performance was a hoax, because it was so bad.
I not sure what to believe. I do know, I’m not loving his new look. What do you think hoax or pathic attempt to rap?



One response to “Joaquin Phoenix Denies a Hoax

  1. So… let me get this straight. This successful movie actor is creating a fictional joaquin phoenix who is going to become a rapper, releasing, in the process, an as-of-yet titled documentary on the making of his rapping joaquin phoenix, and then after its release, the creator, Joaquin Phoenix, is going back to movie acting? How bizarre.

    For more information on the hip-hop journey of Joaquin Phoenix, check TOE’s post out:

    ::the open end::

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