Joaquin Phoenix ‘Sits” With David Letterman

Joaquin Phoenix was on Late Night With David Letterman last night, February 11th. Only one word can describe the “interview” – BIZARRE.

Joaquin sat throughout the interview and answered David Letterman with one word answers, mumbled, chewed gum, wore dark glasses and barely looked up. And that was the good part. When David commented on the chewing gum – Joaquin took it out of his mouth and stuck it under David’s desk.

David, ever the comedienne, was his usually funny self. He referred to Joaquin and his new grizzly adams like beard as the “uni-bomber”. David tried to get Joaquin to speak but Joaquin would have none of it. David ended the interview by saying,

“Joaquin – I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight”.

He then said, “We owe an apology to Farrah Fawcett “– another bizarre interview a couple of years back.

What is going on with Joaquin?? What do you think of the clip?? Can you think of another word besides bizarre??


One response to “Joaquin Phoenix ‘Sits” With David Letterman

  1. poor Joaquin Phoenix, he seemed to trying really hard to re-invent his image and was coming across as just awkward

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