What Do We Know About Jason Mesnick’s Ex??

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19 responses to “What Do We Know About Jason Mesnick’s Ex??

  1. Does she ever see her son?

  2. Now I understand why Tye is so cute.

  3. When I watch the show it seems like Tye lives with Jason. I know she travels a bit for her job. She does see him since she has a facebook acct (under an assumed name) with photos from Tye’s 3rd b-day.

  4. Ahhhh…I’ve been looking for information about her for the same exact reason you posted! I might as well just link to you instead of re posting everything you just said. Thanks for doing your home work on the matter!

  5. Thank you dear Jesus for satisfying my curiousity on this one!! I didn’t watch him before now and thought I missed something.

    She’s gorgeous!

    Still wondering why they split, but good for her for just laying low.

    (How do we know all of this??)

    Also- would love for her to have a little input as to who will potentially be her son’s stepmother… that would make a GREAT episode!!

  6. Awesome find Crystal!! Thank you. I’ll be sure to post about it!!

  7. they divorced in 2006

  8. Divorce records are in the public domain. Can’t someone in Washington state or anywhere get a copy of the divorce complaint and see what reasons were given for the divorce and which one of them initiated the divorce.

  9. i think jason’s putting on a big front. there’s 2 sides of a story ya know. i think he’s a insecure baby who always gets what he wants and tries to control women (or men). he talks about his kid too much which tells me ty needs a momma or he’s a pedifile. whats so great about him? he’s not loaded, not cute, 5’4, and has baggage an ex and child who he’ll always put first and have to wk around the ex’es schedule for 14 more yrs. his conversations are always about poor him, the kid or look at me and my little biddy body. i feel sorry for the girl who gets stuck with little jason. and if you wanna know why they divorced just watch the bachalor. jk. if u were his ex wife and looked like that woild u settle for him?

  10. Pepsi- what makes you think that Jason is 5’4″?? As for the child, he SHOULD put him first!

  11. From what I hear, both Jason and Hilary are nice people. They seem to get along fine as friends.
    I just saw a new YouTube video that shows Hilary making the music video. Kinda like a high school musical in progress.

  12. Jason seems like a control freak puss-boy. how sensetive could he be if he is willing to bang 3 girls in 3 days and send 2 home? how would you like to be his final pick and see tonite’s show about him just trying to score? i don’t buy it Mr. Sensitive. you’re a womanizer. Nothing wrong with that, but own up and tell them. we’re tired of hearing how each show is “the most difficult decision I’ve ever made”. how about the decisin to subjest Tye to a woman you,ve known for a collective 18 hours?
    Fess up, man. and put on a shirt. we get it. you have been working out…

  13. Obediah Gerkin

    Jason is a slime bag. Wait till you see the finale. He’s is either a Liar, a Fool, a Cheat or all three. And ABC just lost me as a viewer of the Bachelor

  14. Oh no, not a slime bag, just another guy looking for a woman. All of the men on the Bachelor have 3 overnight dates and most likely hook up with all three. Let’s be adults here, all 3 women know this and still make the choice to stay the night. I think it makes for great television, I cannot wait to see next weeks!!!!

  15. First, I think that it’s unrealistic to think that if he is sleeping with 3 girls in 3 days that he has any REAL feelings for any of them. Further, any girl who is willing to put up with that kind of thing is in this so she can be on TV.

    Secondly, the way Jason went about things on the finale was extremely inappropriate. So he was officially with Melissa for (I believe they said) 6 weeks before deciding that he wanted to go back and try with Molly. I would think that this indicates that he doesn’t know how much hard work goes into a relationship. If you put a ring on someone’s finger, you better be ready to put in the work. As for him getting together with Molly – I think Molly should have told him where to go. If he did that to Melissa, who’s to say he won’t turn around and do the exact same thing to her? I think she’s a fool for taking him back. I doubt they’ll ever get married, and if they do, then I’m sure it won’t be any more successful than his first marriage. Jason is not marriage material. He may be a good father, and he may be a good guy, that doesn’t mean he will make a good husband. He doesn’t know what he wants, and he seems more interested in playing the field than settling down.

    FINALLY – If he knew he was going to do this, I think he should have spoken to Melissa about it in more detail. He claimed that they had spoken about it, but clearly not as in depth as they should have. She looked completely ambushed. He also should have broken it off in private. If you are engaged to be married to a person, you should have enough regard for her feelings to end things privately, especially knowing how private her family is.

    Jason is a disrespectful, lying, fame-hungry fool. His wife didn’t want anything to do with the show because she didn’t think it was good for her son, and I think she was right. He shouldn’t have put his son through something like this.

  16. I always assumed their son lived with her…when they show his “room” in the Seattle house it’s missing the basics! Where’s all the “stuff” a typical 3-4 year old has. My son is about the same age and I felt from the first time they showed that little on in bed that he didn’t live there full time. I have lots of respect for his mother for staying low and protecting her son.

  17. Washington is a no-fault state, so divorce douments do not list reasons for a split.

    I think Jason is an attention whore. And anyone who would drag their 3-year-old into a reality show has a screw loose.

  18. I hate this guy he is such a fake loser i hate his fake father ways for tv only cause no real man would get on this show with his kid and propose. His family is also kind of different. After this show i will never watch another one again it is so scripted. The host has to go. He is too smarmy

  19. I loved melissa and I’m just wondering if anyone as herd whats happeining in her life since the show

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