We are two friends who usually begin our conversations with the question Have U Heard?? So we decided we would to discuss the answers to that question on our website. Have U Heard is our opinions on celebrities, fashion, entertainment and any other topic that friends might be discussing. We would like to make this website as interactive as possible, so please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Shari and Cathy


Are you interested in sponsoring a contest on Haveuheard?? Do you have a website that you need to promote? Blogs are the latest way to target your specific audience without having to pay all that extra money to reach people who won’t be interested in your products.

If you can contribute products or services greater than $25.00 in value – WE ARE IN BUSINESS!
We hold weekly contests which we promote on a daily basis. This means that your website will get guaranteed exposure for 7 straight days to an audience of women who are dying to learn all about what you have to offer.

If you are interested please email us at haveuheard.net@live.com.
Cathy and Shari

This site is strictly for entertainment purposes.


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