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There Will Be a 5th Season for “The Hills”

Cast of the Hills

Cast of the Hills

After much speculation, Audrina Partridge has confirmed there will be a 5th season for The Hills fans.

All the fans can give a sigh of relief – with Whitney having her own spinoff in New York City, Lauren Conrad dating Kyle Howard (who is not on the show), Audrina working on her own career – it did not seem like we would get to indulge in the guilty pleasure of watching the show.

Audrina Partridge spilled the beans over the weekend,

There is going to be a fifth season. We just found out. At one point, all of us were like, ‘No, we don’t want to do another season,’.  I wanted to do more movies, and Whitney moved to New York and she’s doing her own spin-off. We have fun with each other and we’ve stuck it out this long. We might as well do another one.”

Stuck it out?? 

What do you think they would all be doing if not for The Hills?  Would Lauren have her own fashion line at this point in her life?   Would Audrina be making movies?  What do you think?


Kate Hudson Seen Getting Cozy with a Woman – Fact or Fiction??

Kate Hudson (source

Kate Hudson (source

Can you say – SHOCKED!!


A very reliable source of  Perez Hilton has claimed to have seen Kate Hudson getting cozy with a model – a female model.

Talk about out of the blue.  Kate has been with some really hotties – Lance Armstrong and Owen Wilson come to mind.

According to the source,

A “spirited” Kate Hudson got “very friendly” with a female model at the opening of the newly refurbished Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach on Friday night.”
So what do you think – Fact or Fiction??

Who is the Love of Jessica Alba’s Life?

I am sure if I gave you 3 chances to get the right answer – you would get it right on the 1st guess. If you said her daughter, Honor, you are correct. It has been 5 months since Jessica Alba gave birth to her daughter Honor Marie.  In an interview with People Magazine, Jessica stated  Honor has brought her and husband Cash Warren closer.

It brings family together. It brings friends together. It makes every decision that you make that much more important.”

When asked if Honor is sleeping through the night?

“It depends on what you think sleeping through the night is. She gets a few bottles a night, yes. But she doesn’t wake up and want to hang out.”

That is DEFINITELY not sleeping through the night.  If you’re eyes open to take care of the baby – you are no longer sleeping.  So the answer to that question should have been NO WAY.
Alba is in a very happy place.

“She’s the love of my life. The love is profound. She gives everything more meaning.”

Ahhhh – motherhood.

Hank Basset asked Hugh Hefner for Kendra’s Hand in Marriage

Kendra's Getting Married
How sweet is that!! People Magazine reported that Hank Basset was quoted as saying,

“Hef is like a father to Kendra so he’s going to be the one to give her away. That’s why I wanted his blessings and her mom’s blessing.”

Father??  I am not sure how many ex’s would want to referred to as a “father figure” – but okay.

Hank Basset also stated,

“Both of us like to stay home and wear sweats [more] than go out and party. Ever since I met her, this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. And every day she does something else that makes me fall in love with her.”

Sounds like love to me!!

Is Kendra Wilkinson Too Young to Get Married?

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson

According to People Magazine, Kendra Wilkinson’s mother thinks she is too young to get married, she is very happy for Kendra and Hank Basset, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, but would have preferred for Kendra,23 to wait until she is older to marry.

This is a sticky subject. Some people say that “Age is just a number” while others do not believe that at 23 you are mature enough to be married.

Hugh Hefner doesn’t seem to be bothered by age or by Kendra’s marriage. Rumor has it the wedding ceremony will be held at the Playboy Mansion. Not many ex-boyfriends would be willing to do that.

What do you think – Is 23 too young to get married??