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More on Jason Mesnick’s Ex!!

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The Bachelor – Meet the Parents


Did The Bachelor, Jason, Lead One of the Girls On??


The recently jilted, Megan Parris, called People to discuss what we didn’t see on the latest episode of The Bachelor and how she feels that she had been led on by Jason.

Wow. The show hasn’t even ended yet and the drama is already beginning.

According to Megan, her last conversation with Jason was left on the cutting room floor. She expressed to Jason that she was stressed out and wasn’t as secure as the others as far as her position in the house. Jason assured her that they had plenty of time to get to know each other and that he still wanted her there. That’s why she seemed confused upon her exit. Continue reading

DeAnna Pappas Interview – Part II


Last week I posted the first part of my interview with DeAnna Pappas, the former Bachelorette, and current co-host of Get Married.
The first part of the interview focused on DeAnna’s USO Tour to Iraq – the second part of the interview focuses on the personal side of DeAnna.

I asked DeAnna where she saw herself five years from now, both professionally and personally (I know the typical interview question):
DeAnna stated,

“Professionally all of my dreams have come true. ‘Get Married’ is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Personally, I still want to fall madly in love and be married. I still want kids, I still want to find that someone that completes me.”

As to the many articles that have been written about DeAnna “Going Hollywood”, there could be nothing further from the truth. DeAnna’s life is as “normal” as it gets in her hometown in Georgia. She does her own cooking, cleaning, laundry and food shopping and best of all, she still drives her Honda. This sounds like the same down to earth girl we all saw on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

DeAnna is very protective of her personal life and doesn’t like to discuss the reason her relationship with Jessie Csincsak did not work out. She is not willing to explain that to anyone and would like to keep it private.

I asked DeAnna if the rumors about her dating former reality star, Ace from the Real World, were true – she giggled before saying,

“We are good friends.  He is a great guy we met a few months back… a wonderful guy.  He owns the bar, Flip Flops.”

DeAnna is still in touch with a lot of the “guys” from the Bachelor and when asked about her relationship with Jason Mesnick, the #2 man on the Bachelorette and the current Bachelor, DeAnna stated:

“Jason is a very good friend, we have become the best of friends.”

As to the reason for  her return to The Bachelor, DeAnna was very coy and said,

“We will have to just wait and see.”

That is one episode of The Bachelor that I can not wait to see!!



Last Day To Enter – Get Married Eco-Friendly Bag



Have U Heard has a great give away this week thanks to Get Married (GetMarried.com)

Get Married (GetMarried.com) has been kind enough to have Deanna Pappas autograph an eco-friendly bag for us to give a way. We will be giving away two bags this week.

Get Married is on Lifetime, Weekdays at 7:30am. It can also been seen on GetMarried.com.

How Do I Enter

You can leave a comment or send an email to HaveUHeard.net@live.com.

The winners will be chosen randomly.


Congratulations Videom17 and Ran! You each won a Get Married Eco-Friendly Bag signed by DeAnna Pappas.

The Bachelor – And Then There Were Five


There are nine remaining bachelorettes fighting to the very end for Jason’s heart.

The first date for the evening was a one-on-one date where they had to “sing for their supper”. They had to compose and perform a song for Jason. This sounds familiar – didn’t the Bachelors have to do the same thing for DeAnna Pappas, the Bachelorette?? Jason chose Molly for an intimate dinner date at the Bachelor pad. To everyone’s shock, she does not return from her date – instead she spent the night camping with Jason.

The first date for the evening is the group date. The group date is with Naomi, Shannon, Lauren, Melissa, Jillian and Megan on the set of General Hospital (my favorite soap opera). The bachelorettes get to act out their secret fantasies with Jason. Oh boy – Jason kissed all the women – and I mean kissed. Megan’s kiss was a bit much for the other women to handle – it looked like she was clawing at him. Of course – what would a group date be without the crying. As Jason said, “Everyone is An Emotional Mess”.
To summarize the group date – Naomi cried, Melissa cried, Shannon cried and begged for a rose and Lauren demanded a rose. Megan and Shannon both wanted a romantic kiss – to their disappointment -Jason gave them a friendly kiss. Naomi received the rose on the group date. Continue reading

The Bachelor – Tonight’s Preview


There are nine remaining bachelorettes vying for Jason’s heart.

To earn the one-on-one date tonight they have to “sing for their supper”. They must compose and performe a song for Jason. This sounds familiar – didn’t the Bachelors have to do the same thing for DeAnna?? The Bachelor will pick the winner for an intimate dinner date at the Bachelor pad, where she attempts to persuade Jason that she is ready for marriage and being a stepmom. To everyone’s shock, she does not return from her date that night!

There is also a group date where six ladies go behind-the-scenes of ABC’s soap-opera, “General Hospital,”. I have to admit a guilty secret – I still watch General Hospital – and have been for at least 20 years. The bachelorettes get to act out their secret fantasies with Jason. Oh boy – I can only imagine what this is going to be like.

There is also a special two-on-one date when Jason takes two women for a romantic evening of ballroom dance lessons and waltzing under the stars. He must give a rose to one woman, sending the other home immediately.

Finally, Jason makes a shocking last minute decision at the rose ceremony. This is one episode I have to watch.