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Today’s Celebrity Quote:

“Life is Short – Try Everything” – Drew Barrymore on The Ellen Show


Ellen DeGeneres Graces the Cover of March’s Ladies’ Home Journal


Ellen DeGeneres graces the cover of the March issue of Ladies’ Home Journal.

In the issue Ellen speaks about marriage to Portia, beauty and much more.

Ellen on Marriage:

Ellen said she couldn’t be happier. Asked when she felt the most beautiful, she said,

“the day I got married”

She also said,

“You find the person you love, you think you’ve come this far … and anyway, I never thought I’d have a wedding, and I did, and it meant more than I imagined,”

What do they argue about?? Continue reading

Birthday Weekend for Justin, Ellen and Portia


The Superbowl wasn’t the only place for parties – there were also birthday celebrations going on in California.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi celebrated their birthdays with a joint bash at home on Saturday. Ellen celebrated her 51st birthday and Portia celebrated her 36th birhtday.

Samantha Ronson was there to deejay and brought along girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. People reports other pals included Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette, David Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Another birthday celebration was for Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel threw Justin, a Superbowl themed surprise 28th birthday party on Sunday. The penthouse was transformed with flat-screen televisions brought in especially for the festivities, and the party feasted on gourmet buffalo wings, pizza, mini sliders and red velvet cupcakes.

Let’s not forget Lauren Conrad, from the Hills. Lauren was surprised when she entered the restaurant Lavo and saw her friends, including Lauren “Lo” Bosworth and her actor-beau Kyle Howard (Missing: Her pal Audrina Patridge and ex-beau Brody Jenner.) ready to celebrate her 23rd birthday.

Happy Birthday to Justin Timberlake, Lauren Conrad, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi.

Ellen Has Finally Caught Her Man George


FINALLY!! Ellen DeGeneres has finally done it – George Clooney is going to appear on her show. She has hounded him for months.

I really like love the Ellen show. One of my dreams (or should I say fantasies) is to be on the Ellen show – in the audience, in the lobby, a guest – you name it. I’m wondering if I hound Ellen enough – like she did to George – if I could snag an invite to her show. The only thing is I can’t afford to send a marching band or the Chippendales to her show.
Finally, with her New Year’s motto “George is Mine in ’09,” the talk-show host got what she was after, with Clooney’s appearance set to air Monday.

According to People Magazine, Ellen asked George,

“Have people been informing you every step of the way of what we’ve done [to get you here]?”

“Informing me is not really what I would call what my office has been doing. Ah, complaining,” George replies. “They were a little concerned when that marching band came in. … The trombone player hurt someone, as always.”

Noah Wyle finally gave Ellen a great idea. He told her to invite Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan (former Cincinnati Reds) on the show.

George did laughingly admit:

“People do come up to me all the time and say, ‘What’s wrong with you, man? Why don’t you go on Ellen’s show?’ [And] I say I haven’t been in town, which I haven’t been in town for a long time. I haven’t really …”

George is scheduled to be on the show on Monday. Don’t forget to set the DVR’s.

Any ideas on how I can grab Ellen’s attention without breaking the bank??

The People Have Spoken!!

The people have truly spoken.  Last night was the 35th annual People’s Choice Awards.

The ceremony was hosted by Queen Latifah, who co-starred in The Secret Life of Bees, which won favorite movie drama and independent movie honors.

 This year there was a slight twist – since it is the 35th birthday for both People Magazine and the People’s Choice Awards a new award was given to mark the occassion –  The favorite star under 35 .  And the winner was……….  Carrie Underwood.

Carrie also collected awards for her music, including favorite country song (“Last Name”) and favorite country singer.  She also performed her emotional ballad “I Know You Won’t” at the top of the show.

To no one’s surprise, The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger stole the night.  The action film claimed Favorite Superhero, Favorite Movie, Favorite Onscreen Match-Up, Favorite Action Movie and Favorite Cast at the climax of the event.

Batman Christian Bale and co-star Aaron Eckhart and director Christopher Nolan were given a lengthy standing ovation as they took to the stage at the Shrine Auditorium, and then Bale remembered his Joker, Heath Ledger, in his brief acceptance speech.

He said, “Here’s to Heath,” as he raised one of the awards the cast and crew were presented with to the heavens.
The Dark Knight was the last film Ledger completed before his tragic death a year ago (Jan08).


Here are some of the other FAVORITES for the night:

Male Movie Star:    Will Smith

Leading Man:   Brad Pitt

Male Action Star:  Will Smith

Female Movie Star: Reese Witherspoon

Leading Lady: Reese Witherspoon

Female Action Star: Angelina Jolie


Favorite Talk Show Host:  Ellen DeGeneres

Favorite Drama:   House

Male Star:  Hugh Laurie

Female Star:  Christina Applegate

Funny Female TV Star:  Tina Fey


Male Singer:  Chris Brown

Female Singer:  Carrie Underwood

Group:  Rascal Flatts


The people have spoken. 


Brad and George At It Again


Brad Pitt has been taking a lot of heat for his newest accessory – his mustache.

The actor tells PEOPLE:

“It’s fashion. Who am I without creative facial hair?”

After hearing about the negative feedback, he adds,

“I consider it very brave.”

THe mustache is actually for his latest role, a Quentin Tarantino movie he’s filming, Inglourious Basterds.

After learning that his pal George Clooney is also sporting facial hair, Brad says:

“I cannot get this guy out of my slipstream. He calls me up and wants to know what I’m wearing – and then he shows up in the same thing. Next thing you know he’s going to have six kids. Just got to tell you it’s getting really old.”

I’m still waiting for George’s retaliation for the Ellen stunt (Brad had Ellen send over Chippendale Dancers to his office).

This is going to be fun to watch.

Hugh Jackman to Host Oscars

hugh_jackman21Not only is he the 2008 People’s Sexiest Man Alive but Hugh Jackman can now add Oscar Host to his resume.

Hugh who will be hosting the Oscars for the first time, was selected

“because we want the ceremony to be fun,” says Laurence Mark, producer of the telecast.

“He can hold the screen and he can hold a stage. It doesn’t hurt that he looks amazing in a tuxedo and he’s the Sexiest Man Alive.”

Does Hugh Jackman seem like an odd choice to host the Oscars.  Last year’s host, Jon Stewart, was awesome.  And the year before that we had Ellen DeGeneres.  Two great comediens.  Hugh has some big shoes to fill.

What do you think – can he do it?? 


ABC will broadcast the Oscar ceremony live from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on Feb. 22.