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Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Line Will Not Be Sold At Saks

Victoria Beckham

VICTORIA BECKHAM may always dress fashionably but apparently her dreams of selling fashion are not going as well.

Victoria’s denim clothing line has been dropped from Sak’s Fifth Avenue. Sak’s is upset that Victoria is selling a new collection of designer gowns exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. Henri Bendel and Kitson have already dropped Victoria’s dVb brand due to poor sales.

“They were offended when she sold her dress line to Bergdorf’s and not to Saks, even though Saks launched her denim line in their New York store. Bergdorf never carried her jeans, but they got her designer line anyway.”

Has anyone ever bought any of Victoria’s wears??


Joe Jonas Uses a Mannequin to Help Pick His Clothes – Fact or Fiction??

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas

There is a rumor going around that Joe Jonas is absolutely obsessed with what he wears and how it looks. So, every night he does a trial run with the next day’s outfit, from head to toe.

That sounds pretty reasonable for someone that is being photographed ALL the time.

The odd part is that Joe Jonas is actually dressing a mannequin. Not the norm?? He claims that planning his outfits on a mannequin saves him time in the morning.

Whatever happened to laying the clothes out on your bed??

What do you think – is there any truth to this rumor??

If the music career falls through, he can always work as a stylist

Jonas Brothers Enter the Fashion World!!

Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers

Jonas brothers, Jonas brothers, Jonas brothers – they are everywhere!!

Now we find them in the world of fashion. They just launched their new line of clothing, 77Kids for American Eagle. 77Kids is a line of fashion for children ages 2 -12. Check out the new line at
American Eagle.

What do you think – are you going to be buying from 77kids??

What is GOOP??

If you are thinking a new hair product – you are way off.  How about a new website by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow.  I love to read about Gwyneth Paltrow – especially years ago when she was dating Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.  I could not get enough of her couplehood with either of them and was heartbroken when they parted ways. 

This time I am going to be reading about her actual interests rather than her love life (maybe she’ll share some of that also).  Her website is a lifestyle website.  She will provide cooking and travel tips and sharing some of her life philosophies.   

Direct from Gwyneth’s website, “Make your life good. Invest in what’s real. Cook a meal for someone you love. Pause before reacting. Clean out your space. Read something beautiful. Treat yourself to something. Go to a city you’ve never been to. Learn something new. Don’t be lazy. Workout and stick with it. GOOP. Make it great.”

Sign up for her newsletter and you can get some travel notes and fashion buys.  I’m curious to see her fashion buys.  Will it be for the incredibly wealthy or the average person?  Will you be reading GOOP?