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DeAnna Pappas Interview – Part II


Last week I posted the first part of my interview with DeAnna Pappas, the former Bachelorette, and current co-host of Get Married.
The first part of the interview focused on DeAnna’s USO Tour to Iraq – the second part of the interview focuses on the personal side of DeAnna.

I asked DeAnna where she saw herself five years from now, both professionally and personally (I know the typical interview question):
DeAnna stated,

“Professionally all of my dreams have come true. ‘Get Married’ is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Personally, I still want to fall madly in love and be married. I still want kids, I still want to find that someone that completes me.”

As to the many articles that have been written about DeAnna “Going Hollywood”, there could be nothing further from the truth. DeAnna’s life is as “normal” as it gets in her hometown in Georgia. She does her own cooking, cleaning, laundry and food shopping and best of all, she still drives her Honda. This sounds like the same down to earth girl we all saw on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

DeAnna is very protective of her personal life and doesn’t like to discuss the reason her relationship with Jessie Csincsak did not work out. She is not willing to explain that to anyone and would like to keep it private.

I asked DeAnna if the rumors about her dating former reality star, Ace from the Real World, were true – she giggled before saying,

“We are good friends.  He is a great guy we met a few months back… a wonderful guy.  He owns the bar, Flip Flops.”

DeAnna is still in touch with a lot of the “guys” from the Bachelor and when asked about her relationship with Jason Mesnick, the #2 man on the Bachelorette and the current Bachelor, DeAnna stated:

“Jason is a very good friend, we have become the best of friends.”

As to the reason for  her return to The Bachelor, DeAnna was very coy and said,

“We will have to just wait and see.”

That is one episode of The Bachelor that I can not wait to see!!




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An Interview With DeAnna Pappas


I had the opportunity to interview DeAnna Pappas, the former Bachelorette, and new co-host of Get Married.

What a pleasure it was to speak with her.  She is so down to earth and is the same girl that we all saw on the Bachelorette – easy to talk to, pleasant and alot of fun.

DeAnna is now the co-host of Get Married and writes for BloggerBrides, an internet site that is part of GetMarried.com. On Get Married, DeAnna is the ultimate bride’s best friend, offering brides the opportunity to share ideas, stories and experiences.  She also discusses the latest wedding planning tips and trends.

We also spoke about DeAnna’s trip to Kuwait and Iraq as part of a USO tour.  She shared a lot about the trip and what an enlighting experience it was for her and as she said,

“Iraq was one of the best things in my entire life. It was truly an eye opening experience.”

DeAnna, along with Rachel Smith (Miss USA 2007) and Christine Lakin (from Step by Step), visited 3 bases per day. They went to both the big and small bases. One of the smaller bases was in Sadr City – previously considered one of the most dangerous cities in Baghdad. Some of the soldiers had been on base for 15 months without ANY visitors. Deanna expressed her appreciation for the solidiers on Blogger Brides,

“The experience during the USO tour was very touching, especially seeing the courage and bravery of all the soldiers. You all are my heroes!”


Go to Get Married to read more about DeAnna’s experiences on the USO tour.

This is only part of my interview with Deanna – to read more about our conversation, come back next week ,when I will reveal DeAnna’s thoughts on the “rumor” of her “Going Hollywood”, her relationship with current Bachelor, Jason Mesnick and much more!!

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More From DeAnna Pappas……


Anyone who reads HaveUHeard.net or http://www.Famefashionandfun.wordpress.com knows that I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE (did I say HUGE) fan of DeAnna Pappas.

While searching the internet I found this great website, http://www.GetMarried.com, that also happens to be a television show, with who else but…….DeAnna. DeAnna is a co-host, along with Colin Cowie. Colin Cowie is widely known for designing and producing the most spectacular celebrations across the globe. He has designed and produced celebrations for Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Elton John, John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Quincy Jones, and Jennifer Aniston – just to name a few.

DeAnna is positioned as the ultimate brides’ best friend, offering brides the opportunity to share ideas, stories and experiences throughout their wedding planning and beyond. She also publishes blogs on Get Married’s http://www.BloggerBrides.com and will host live-chats on http://www.GetMarried.com to communicate directly with its highly-engaged audience of brides and wedding professionals around the world. She also video blogs on Bloggerbride and provides personal answers to questions that have been submitted by readers/viewers.

Get Married is the only multi-channeled wedding resource with platforms online and on television every weekday that connects local and national wedding professionals and industry experts with brides through entertainment, news and retail. Driven by unique video and content, getmarried.com and Get Married’s show on Lifetime Television provide brides and wedding professionals with inspiring ideas, quality connections and great goods to create a personalized and memorable wedding.

Get Married is at the forefront of wedding trends by bringing the expertise of the world’s most sought-after wedding professionals and the products and services from the most unique, local and national vendors to brides everywhere – on television and online at getmarried.com. Get Married’s show on Lifetime Television is the most-watched wedding entertainment program on television by idea-seeking brides, their family and friends, wedding professionals and top industry experts. The second season of Get Married’s daily half-hour television series can be seen on Lifetime at 7:30 am ET/PT.

For more information, Check out the website, http://www.GetMarried.com.

Ali Larter Has Had Her Heart Broken


When I read about a beautiful actress having her heart broken I always find it hard to believe (even if they were 15 when it happened). In February’s issue of Cosmopolitan, Ali Larter talks about her search for love.

“Since I was 15 years old, all I wanted was to find the guy I was going to marry. My heart got broken so many times because I put so much pressure on it.”

Things changed for Ali when she met her fiance, actor Hayes MacArthur.

Ali added,

“And then I got blindsided. [Hayes] showed me the way, and all was right. This is how it’s supposed to be.”

When it comes time to plan her wedding, Larter has stated,

“I’m a big fan of glamour. It’s something I don’t think there’s enough of in Hollywood anymore. I enjoy putting on a sexy dress and heels. I want to work it.”

After reading about Ali’s dream wedding it reminded me of a new show I recently saw on Lifetime Television, Get Married. They also have a great website called GetMarried.com. Get Married is hosted by Colin Cowie and Deanna Pappas. Both GetMarried.com and Get Married’s show on Lifetime provide brides and wedding professionals with inspiring ideas, quality connections and great goods to create a personalized and memorable wedding.

I think Ali Larter should use Colin Cowie and GetMarried.com to achieve the glamour of old Hollywood. Colin would do an awesome job at planning exactly what Ali is looking for to make her wedding a dream come true.