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An Interview With DeAnna Pappas


I had the opportunity to interview DeAnna Pappas, the former Bachelorette, and new co-host of Get Married.

What a pleasure it was to speak with her.  She is so down to earth and is the same girl that we all saw on the Bachelorette – easy to talk to, pleasant and alot of fun.

DeAnna is now the co-host of Get Married and writes for BloggerBrides, an internet site that is part of GetMarried.com. On Get Married, DeAnna is the ultimate bride’s best friend, offering brides the opportunity to share ideas, stories and experiences.  She also discusses the latest wedding planning tips and trends.

We also spoke about DeAnna’s trip to Kuwait and Iraq as part of a USO tour.  She shared a lot about the trip and what an enlighting experience it was for her and as she said,

“Iraq was one of the best things in my entire life. It was truly an eye opening experience.”

DeAnna, along with Rachel Smith (Miss USA 2007) and Christine Lakin (from Step by Step), visited 3 bases per day. They went to both the big and small bases. One of the smaller bases was in Sadr City – previously considered one of the most dangerous cities in Baghdad. Some of the soldiers had been on base for 15 months without ANY visitors. Deanna expressed her appreciation for the solidiers on Blogger Brides,

“The experience during the USO tour was very touching, especially seeing the courage and bravery of all the soldiers. You all are my heroes!”


Go to Get Married to read more about DeAnna’s experiences on the USO tour.

This is only part of my interview with Deanna – to read more about our conversation, come back next week ,when I will reveal DeAnna’s thoughts on the “rumor” of her “Going Hollywood”, her relationship with current Bachelor, Jason Mesnick and much more!!

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The Bachelor – Episode 3 – Drama, Drama and More Drama

Episode 3 – Drama, Drama and More Drama.

Jason had his one on one date with Stephanie. First they went to the beach where he surprised her by bringing her daughter Sophie to visit. Jason was in tears watching the reunion between Stephanie and Sophie. They then went to Legoland. Jason gave Stephanie a rose made of legos. How cute was that!!

Jason seemed really into the whole idea of feeling like a family. Jason even said that’s exactly what he’s looking for and its a huge part of his life. I know that whoever he picks is going to be a mother to Tye but I feel like that is Jason’s primary concern. Do you think that’s the right way to go about looking for a wife??

The next date was a group date. Jason and 8 women – Shannon, Nikki, Melissa, Erica, Jillian, Megan, Kari, Naomi. They all made casts of their busts (including Jason) to be auctioned off, with the proceeds going towards breast cancer.

Shannon requested Jason’s help to apply her cast – she thought it would be a great chance for some one on one time. When they were finished,

Shannon said, “It felt good to have him rub my body.”.

Do you think she will feel at all embarrassed when she sees the show – the only word I can think of to describe the whole seen is “desperate”. What lengths would you go to for a rose??

Nikki told Jason that she was a control freak and a perfectionist (with regard to her bust painting). Based on Jason’s body language, I would have to say that if Jason could have ran he would have.

Jason’s one on one date with Natalie was the most romantic date. From jewels, to a private jet to Las Vegas, to a helicopter ride. Every girl’s dream. Jason was trying so hard to make a connection with Natalie but in the end felt nothing.
Jason did pick up the rose as if he was going to give it to Natalie – but ended up telling her that he couldn’t give it to her because it just wasn’t there for him. Natalie called him out on that move and told him that it was sneaky.

I’m not sure if we should call these surprising facts or just too much information:

Melissa told Jason that she had breast reduction surgery.
Naomi told Jason that she has only given herself to one person.

Awkward Moments:

Jason and Nikki’s Kiss – Nikki went in for the kill unexpectedly – it looked like Jason was going to turn his head initially but then changed his mind.
Jason and Erica were talking when Erica caught Jason looking at her “boobs”. Jason claimed he was just looking at the color of her dress. (Yeah right).

Who Went Home: Natalie, Erica and Kari


Another interesting episode of the bachelor. I am still up in the air as to who Jason will pick. Any thoughts on who the “right” one for Jason may be??


The Bachelor Contest – Still Time to Enter

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The Bachelor – So Many Girls – So Little Time!!

So many girls – so little time!!  How else would you explain an episode of the Bachelor where 15 girls are vying for 1 man’s attention. 

I would say poor Jason, but I think lucky Jason is more like it.  Or maybe confused Jason would be a better choice of words.

Jason surprised the Bachelorettes by paying them a poolside visit.  Jason seems to really be enjoying himself – he was flirting with Jillian and getting back rubs from Shannon.

A rose was delivered to the girls house for Jason to hand out for a romantic date.    And the winner was………….  Jillian.  They definitely seemed to have a connection when they were chatting – so I am not surprised.  What was a surprise was Natalie breaking down in tears.  I have such a hard time understanding the tears at this point in the show.  My opinion is that the tears are out of frustration.  As a competitive person – I can understand how stressful the whole situation must be for the girls.

The romantic date was at Disney Hall, with a private performance by Robin Thicke.  Jillian is definitely a girl who likes to have fun.  And as Jason said,

“She is fun, exciting and easy to talk to.”

The next one on one date went to Melissa.   Jason’s type is Melissa ,

“She is fun, gets people going, she walks in the room and everyone is looking at her.”

 Since that hasn’t worked for Jason in the past – I have no idea why he would pursue that “type” of person.

The next date was Jason and 8 woman.  He took them on a shopping spree.   From there they went to the Le Petit Hotel – lots of drinking and fighting.   Jason gave a rose to Molly,  bringing Naomi to tears.

Lisa left the show to go home since her mother has terminal breast cancer.

Who did Jason send home:  Raquel and Sharon (she quit her job to go on the show – that really stinks!!)

 Surprising facts from this episode:

Nikki only kissed 1 person in her life, her ex-boyfriend of 11 years.

Stephanie is a widow.

Next week – Stephanie goes on a date with Jason and gets a visit from her young daughter, Natalie gets the date of a lifetime and lots more bickering between the women.

The Bachelor, Jason, Speaks Out on DeAnna!!


The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, spoke to Access Hollywood about the most recent episode of The Bachelor and of course about the clip of Deanna Pappas shown at the end of the first episode.

Although he said viewers would have to “stay tuned” and wouldn’t reveal exactly why Pappas came to see him while he was taping The Bachelor, Jason told Access that he had learned a lot about himself from his past experiences with Deanna.

When speaking about the “type” of woman he had been looking for, Jason seemed to imply that even if Deanna did visit him looking for a second chance at a relationship with him, that it was no longer an option and Deanna was no longer a good match for him.

Jason also stated,
“To have a relationship with somebody comes in a lot of different ways. Initially there’s going to be a intellectual relationship, a friendship relationship, [and] a physical attraction. I was trying to find the best balance between all those, and I didn’t have one of those pieces with some of the girls. That’s how I had to base my decision,”

As for Nikki, the girl who received his “first impression” rose,

“[She] caught my eye right away [when she got] out of the limo,” Mesnick said. “Right away Nikki and I had a good instant connection… It was really easy for us to talk to each other, especially that first night… we could talk about anything, it was really easy.”

Mesnick also made sure to say that he is not concerned with the poor relationship track record of The Bachelor’s twelve previous love matches.

“I wouldn’t have proposed to somebody if I didn’t think it was gonna work,”

What do you think – besides Trista and Ryan all of the other relationships were a complete BUST – will Jason be different??

The ‘Bachelor’ – Episode Two Preview

Access Hollywood was nice enough to give an update on Episode Two of the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick and I just have to share.

Here are the highlights:

Number of one-on-one dates: 2

Celebrity Showing: Robin Thick at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Bachelor Twist: Some of the woman will not get a date at all before Jason has his next rose ceremony.

Surprises: Jason pays an unannounced visit to the ladies’ villa. He is attempting to catch the women off guard in order to find the right one to complete his family.

Catty Behavior: One Bachelorette throws ice cubes to break up his conversation with another woman on the balcony.

First Kiss of the Season: The woman who is given the 1st impression rose in episode 2.

Group Date: Jason surprises eight women with a stretch limo and a night on the town – Hollywood style. The ladies are treated to a high fashion shopping spree on Jason. From there, it’s on to a picturesque rooftop pool with a view of the Sunset Strip. The bachelorettes continue to show off for the Bachelor with an impromptu talent show, and one woman steals him away for a kiss. Not to be outdone, another woman takes charge and gets a kiss of her own.

Clash: Two ladies clash about not getting enough Jason time.

Surprise Moment: One bachelorette exits the show in the middle of a party!

Number of Remaining Bachelorettes at the End of the Night: 12

Most Important Thing to Watch – How Many Woman Does Jason Kiss: 3

It always amazes me how much kissing actually takes place – I’ve decided to keep count this season.

Anyone else in??


DeAnna Pappas Comes Back to Visit Jason!!

Deanna with her sister-in-law in Vegas

DeAnna with her sister-in-law in Vegas

The Bachelor has started.  Jason Mesnick, last season’s rejected finalist, is the latest man to earn the title.

In one of the promotional clips from the upcoming episodes, the women are in frustration as the commercial reveals that there will be “one shocking return…that will change everything.”

One of the women then says “Oh my goodness, she’s here again.”   Who else could the she be – but Deanna Pappas.

Here are some scenarios as to why she would return to the show:

1) DeAnna makes a guest appearance after realizing that she made a mistake and since she has broken up with Jesse maybe its not to late for a reunion with Jason.

2) DeAnna makes a guest appearance to review the ladies who are competing for Jason’s heart.  She then sits down with Jason to provide her recommendations.

What do you think – option 1 or option 2??