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DeAnna Pappas Interview – Part II


Last week I posted the first part of my interview with DeAnna Pappas, the former Bachelorette, and current co-host of Get Married.
The first part of the interview focused on DeAnna’s USO Tour to Iraq – the second part of the interview focuses on the personal side of DeAnna.

I asked DeAnna where she saw herself five years from now, both professionally and personally (I know the typical interview question):
DeAnna stated,

“Professionally all of my dreams have come true. ‘Get Married’ is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Personally, I still want to fall madly in love and be married. I still want kids, I still want to find that someone that completes me.”

As to the many articles that have been written about DeAnna “Going Hollywood”, there could be nothing further from the truth. DeAnna’s life is as “normal” as it gets in her hometown in Georgia. She does her own cooking, cleaning, laundry and food shopping and best of all, she still drives her Honda. This sounds like the same down to earth girl we all saw on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

DeAnna is very protective of her personal life and doesn’t like to discuss the reason her relationship with Jessie Csincsak did not work out. She is not willing to explain that to anyone and would like to keep it private.

I asked DeAnna if the rumors about her dating former reality star, Ace from the Real World, were true – she giggled before saying,

“We are good friends.  He is a great guy we met a few months back… a wonderful guy.  He owns the bar, Flip Flops.”

DeAnna is still in touch with a lot of the “guys” from the Bachelor and when asked about her relationship with Jason Mesnick, the #2 man on the Bachelorette and the current Bachelor, DeAnna stated:

“Jason is a very good friend, we have become the best of friends.”

As to the reason for  her return to The Bachelor, DeAnna was very coy and said,

“We will have to just wait and see.”

That is one episode of The Bachelor that I can not wait to see!!




The Bachelorette’s, Jesse Csincsak Reunites With….!!

Okay… don’t get excited – Jesse Csincsak got together with some of the other “bachelors” he met on the Bachelorette with Deanna Pappas. He also brought along the new girl in his life, Holly Durst. Holly was one of the bachelorettes on The Bachelor: London Calling with Matt Grant.

Jesse and Deanna broke up in November, Jesse then took to You Tube to speak about his heartbreak.

Jesse told People that he is not really focused on dating but that he does have a connection with Holly.

“I have a great time with Holly,” said Jesse “We’re both from Ohio, we both have a lot in common, and I think that we both really enjoy hanging out with each other.”

As for his weekend with the guys, Jesse said,

“It was awesome, man and it was cathartic. We all got to catch up, chit-chat about how things have been. It was cool, because we all had the same experience, and there’s nobody else out there that can understand what we went through except for the guys that were on the show. It was like we never left. I love those guys, no matter whatever we’re doing — be it drinking beer, playing cards, skiing, snowboarding.”

Jesse did say that the subject of Deanna did not come up. (On the other hand – I was lucky enough to speak to Deanna personally yesterday.  You can read it here on www.haveuheard.com)

Leave it to “men” – you have a life altering moment and don’t even discuss it with your friends.

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More on Deanna and Jesse’s Breakup

Is anyone tired of hearing about Deanna Pappa’s and Jesse Csincsak breakup??

Extra recently had an interview with Jesse where he gave more insight into the breakup.

Jesse stated,

“We both went on the show with the best of intentions. We did fall in love on the show, but things didn’t work out. I wish her nothing but the best. She’s a great person. I hope to see her do well. I don’t regret anything with her.”

What kind of girl is Jesse looking for?

“I want a down-to-earth, honest outgoing girl that loves to be outside and snowboard.”

Surprisingly, Jesse said if given the opportunity he would do another reality show to find the right woman. Although he did give it a spin that might actually work. Especially since there is only 1 couple that has ever made it to the alter (Trista and Ryan).

“I’d want to put them [the girls] in my element… to be out in Colorado… doing the things I like to do… if I could meet a girl that is into doing all those things and is honest and outgoing, I think I could find true love again.”

Not a bad idea. Instead of creating the perfect romantic environment – have the bachelor or bachelorette go about their everyday life. This way the contestants can get the real picture instead of one big honeymoon. What do you think – would this help more couples to make it to the alter??

Jesse Csincsak Speaks Out on His Breakup with DeAnna Pappas

Deanna Pappas

Deanna Pappas

Jesse Csincsak, the former fiance of DeAnna Pappas (the most recent Bachelorette) has opened up to “Extra.” Jesse says the exes text message each other,

 “every now and again.  But we’re trying to give each other our space.”

Deanna dumped Jesse just a short time ago. Is it possible to be friends with your ex?
How long do you think ex’s should wait before contacting each other?