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Kate Moss Pregnant??

There have been rumors floating around – especially this weekend with new photos emerging of Kate Moss with a tiny belly – that Kate Moss is pregnant.

According to News of the World.co.UK, it has been confirmed that Kate Moss is 3 months pregnant.

The supermodel is now past the crucial three-month stage, with the baby believed to be due at the end of August.

Kate is expected to formally announce the pregnancy soon—ending weeks of speculation. She has already broken the news to close pals, who have been sworn to secrecy.

Kate and boyfriend Jamie Hince are said to be thrilled. Kate already has a six-year-old daughter Lila Grace from her relationship with magazine publisher Jefferson Hack.

Kate is said to have already curbed her party lifestyle. Although Page Six did mention,

“KATE Moss pulled a diva fit during a recent shoot for Roberto Cavalli. Moss arrived at the Los Angeles shoot “two hours late,” said a spy, and in a grumpy mood. “She demanded a beer and then proceeded to finish off beer after beer after beer while she was getting her make-up done. When it was time for the shoot, she sat on the male model’s lap but ignored him – didn’t say one word to anyone – and then, when her pictures were done, walked out.” A rep for Moss didn’t return calls.

I don’t know what to think – if she is past the 12 week stage and pounding down beer after beer – that is not a good combination.
I’m not sure if I should congratulate her or send her an article on the dangers of drinking while pregnant.