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Lindsay Lohan is Not a Woman of Importance


Lindsay Lohan, originally slated to star in the movie, ‘A Woman of No Importance’, has been replaced. Lindsay was signed on to star in the movie back in 2006 when she backed out of the movie to enter rehab.

Fast forward, three years later – Lindsay is sober but unemployed. The starring role is now being played by Amanda Seyfried, the star of Mamma Mia.

Lindsay doesn’t have any movies lined up – do you think Hollywood will give her another chance?? They did give Britney another chance and look how far she has come.


Lindsay Lohan Denies Rumors of Split

Lindsay Lohan is taking to her Myspace Blog to defend her relationship with Samantha Ronson.


Read what she has to say below:


little piece of TRUE information:

we did NOT break up!

access hollywood, extra, et, every tabloid, page six… AND every GOSSIP website. Get your stories straight please. It’s really annoying to have all of your friends emailing you saying, i saw, i read, etc… NOT TRUE

🙂 xoxox Lindsay


It can’t be easy always having to defend yourself against the media.

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson Still Going At It!!


And not in a good way. It seems these two are always fighting!!

According to Page 6, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson rang in the new year with a nasty fistfight.

With both of their families present at a party in Miami, Lindsay and Sam just started fighting.

Yet again, on New Year’s Eve, the couple went nuclear and started screaming at each other while hosting a party at Mansion.

After Lindsay and Sam went back to the hotel, several sources heard crashing sounds and screaming coming from their room until the fight spilled out into the hallways at about 11 a.m.

A source is quoted as saying,

“They were punching each other – it was bad.”

Several hours later, still fighting, Lindsay and Sam tried to board an American Airlines flight back to Los Angeles. Lindsay was said to be such a mess before takeoff that flight attendants asked her if she’d like to disembark. She refused.

A rep for Lohan said,

“There was an argument – I don’t know the details – but they left for LA together and it’s fine.”

I would have thought this was all for publicity but this is taking it to a new level if it is in fact to keep their name in the news.

Doesn’t sound too good. Based on the history of romance, this sounds like a relationship heading for the end. What do you think?? Do you think the two will make it in 2009??

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And so the Lohan Saga Continues!!

Another he said, she said coming from who else but the Lohan clan.

This time we have Lindsay Lohan who has posted on her Myspace page some very personal family information:

“My father just let my family and [me] know, amongst other [things] that he had another child after my little sister Aliana,” writes Lohan in a post titled “Random Thoughts.”

She continues: “Or maybe he had it before Aliana?? Either way, he cheated on my mother and that really sucks.”

In an e-mail to PEOPLE, Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, strongly denies his daughter’s claim, and said in a separate conversation he believes there is a “99 percent chance” Lohan’s MySpace message was actually written by her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.

Why?? How does lying about an illegitimate child benefit Lindsay/Samantha?

What do you think – does Michael have an illegitimate child or is Lindsay lying for some reason?

Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Are Hot!!

I have to admit – when I 1st heard that Lindsay Lohan was coming out with her own line of leggings my first thought was, “Who would buy that?”

I was wrong – and so were a lot of other skeptics.  Apparently Lindsay’s legging line, 6126, is hot – recession proof and flying off the shelves.  They are flying off the shelves -at Henri Bendel, Nordstrom, Intermix, and Lisa Kline.  The leggings range in price from $44 – $132.  Not cheap!!

 Her hottest seller? The Mr. President legging, $132, that comes complete with quilted knee pads.


 The legging designer is planning on producing four collections a year and hopes to add more products.

Are you going to buy a pair or two??  What do you think??

Atlantis, Dubais Officially Opens!!

Atlantis, Dubais

Atlantis, Dubais

The Grand Opening of the Atlantis, Dubais was a star-studded event. It was said to cost $13.5 million lbs. That is a lot of MONEY!!

Times Online reported that approximately 2,000 guests sipped Dom PĂ©rignon. A-list celebrities from Charlize Theron, Robert De Niro, Mary-Kate Olsen, Mischa Barton to Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson walked the red carpet.

Singer Kylie Minogue performed on stage followed by the world’s largest fireworks display, seven times greater than this year’s Olympic Games opening ceremony in Beijing and extravagant enough to be seen from outer space.

That’s some Grand Opening!!

Check out the photos on E!Online.

Scarlett Johanson Still Talking About Lindsay

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson graces the cover of Allure magazine in their December issue. 

For some reason she is still speaking about the Lindsay Lohan incident that happened more than 2 years ago.

Scarlett is not sure what started the friction between herself and Lindsay.  Scarlett told Allure that she’s only met Lindsay a handful of times when for some reason Lindsay wrote some vulgarity on a bathroom wall in New York City (can you say jealous).

That’s what I heard. I really don’t know [Lindsay.] I only met her, like, three times.  But apparently she did [write something]. I don’t know what the motivation was behind that. I remember it was something really vulgar — I mean, shockingly so, like, ‘Whoa, what, who are you?’”

There is so much more that I am sure people wanted to know about Scarlett – too bad Allure felt the need to bring up old news.  I don’t know about anyone else – but I am so not interested.