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Jonas Brothers On Late Night With David Letterman

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers, aka today’s Beatles, made their 1st appearance on the David Letterman show, Thursday, February 12th.

Kevin, Joe and Nick are promoting their upcoming 3D concert film, to be released on February 27th.

As always, Letterman was quite amusing. When Nick Jonas talked about their ups and downs on the way to superstardom Dave interrupted by saying,

“Let me just interject something. You’re 16? You’ve had no ups and downs! It’s all been up! You’re 16!”

Good point Dave!!

Dave asked about ex-girlfriend,Miley Cyrus, Nick downplayed their lengthy relationship,

“I was 14. I was pretty young, so I think you can just consider it a young, little relationship.”

When asked about Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas looked a bit stunned and muttered,

“You know… we didn’t work out.”

I’m sure Taylor can attest to that statement.

And of course – what would the David Letterman show be without the famous – TOP 10 LIST!!

“Top Ten Surprising Facts About the Jonas Brothers”

10. Our new 3D concert film puts you right in the middle of a six-hour tour bus ride from Pittsburgh to Albany.
9. Often we are astonished by how adorable we are.
8. Sometimes we lather, rinse, repeat and then repeat again!
7. Last Sunday night, I won a Grammy for “Best New Jonas.”
6. Osama said he’d come out of hiding if we’d meet his 15-year-old niece.
5. One time when we were on the road, things got really crazy and we stayed up until 10:30.
4. We’ve seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop 27 times.
3. Once a week we get mail for Dr. Joyce Brothers.
2. We have no idea who that old dude behind the desk is.

And the Number One Top Ten Surprising Fact:

1. A couple years back, Angelina Jolie tried to adopt us.

I’ve always liked David Letterman but the past couple of days have been quite entertaining. I’m even considering staying up past my 9:00 bedtime to watch the show live instead of setting the DVR.


How Did Your Favorite Star Celebrate Thanksgiving Day!!

According to US Magazine, this is where some of our favorite stars spent Thanksgiving!!

“I’m cooking dinner at my house and inviting my whole family over. It’s going to be fun. I’m in charge this time!”

“We are performing at the Dallas Cowboys halftime show.”

“That’s going to be a new and exciting thing for us to do! For Christmas, we’ll just all be together as a family. It’ll be great!”

“I’m actually singing the National Anthem at the Cowboys game. I have a suite there, so I will be having Thanksgiving with my family. It’s really nice. My mom was Cowboys cheerleader, and it’s the last year in the old stadium, so she is getting to celebrate.”

“I love Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect holiday. You get together, and you eat, and you are with family. Every day should be Thanksgiving!”

“Alec will be around. I don’t know if the traditional ‘Baldwin brother turkey’ touch football game will be played. That was a big hope, but we’ll have to see.”

“I’m going to do a big turkey – an 18 pounder! I put the stuffing in it. I put the potatoes around it. I do sweet potatoes — with marshmallows, without marshmallows. I do everything!”

“I’ll be spending it with my family in New York. I’ve never spent a Thanksgiving or Christmas away from them. There will be lots of food, football, sitting, chatting.”

“My mom does such a good job cooking Thanksgiving dinner. She just started cooking a turkey, opposed to lasagna. So we let her do it. I always help a little bit, though. I help with the gravy. It’s very traditional. The one time I did a gourmet Thanksgiving, everyone was upset and went on strike. Thanksgiving is a tradition. You don’t mess with it because it’s perfect the way it is.”

“All of the kids will come from all over, like New York and Minneapolis. We have six kids and the youngest is 21. Thanksgiving is a big thing for us. I actually do some of the cooking, too! I am right in there, boy! I peel the potatoes — that’s cooking!”

“This Thanksgiving, I’m going to order in a chicken pot pie [joking]. I may be overseas, so I might end up doing what we did a few years ago when I was in Stockholm for Thanksgiving: This chef closed his restaurant, and he just opened it up for me and my band. He made us an American Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of cranberry sauce, it was linden berry. It was nice. In another country, [Thanksgiving’s] amazing.”

“Just to be with the family.”

MICHAEL PHELPS: Is home in Baltimore with his family and new girlfriend, Caroline Pal.

So – who do you wish you spent Thanksgiving with?? 

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