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Did The Bachelor, Jason, Lead One of the Girls On??


The recently jilted, Megan Parris, called People to discuss what we didn’t see on the latest episode of The Bachelor and how she feels that she had been led on by Jason.

Wow. The show hasn’t even ended yet and the drama is already beginning.

According to Megan, her last conversation with Jason was left on the cutting room floor. She expressed to Jason that she was stressed out and wasn’t as secure as the others as far as her position in the house. Jason assured her that they had plenty of time to get to know each other and that he still wanted her there. That’s why she seemed confused upon her exit. Continue reading


The Bachelor, Jason, Speaks Out on DeAnna!!


The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, spoke to Access Hollywood about the most recent episode of The Bachelor and of course about the clip of Deanna Pappas shown at the end of the first episode.

Although he said viewers would have to “stay tuned” and wouldn’t reveal exactly why Pappas came to see him while he was taping The Bachelor, Jason told Access that he had learned a lot about himself from his past experiences with Deanna.

When speaking about the “type” of woman he had been looking for, Jason seemed to imply that even if Deanna did visit him looking for a second chance at a relationship with him, that it was no longer an option and Deanna was no longer a good match for him.

Jason also stated,
“To have a relationship with somebody comes in a lot of different ways. Initially there’s going to be a intellectual relationship, a friendship relationship, [and] a physical attraction. I was trying to find the best balance between all those, and I didn’t have one of those pieces with some of the girls. That’s how I had to base my decision,”

As for Nikki, the girl who received his “first impression” rose,

“[She] caught my eye right away [when she got] out of the limo,” Mesnick said. “Right away Nikki and I had a good instant connection… It was really easy for us to talk to each other, especially that first night… we could talk about anything, it was really easy.”

Mesnick also made sure to say that he is not concerned with the poor relationship track record of The Bachelor’s twelve previous love matches.

“I wouldn’t have proposed to somebody if I didn’t think it was gonna work,”

What do you think – besides Trista and Ryan all of the other relationships were a complete BUST – will Jason be different??