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Celebrity Feuds

Can’t we all just get along? It seems like everyone is arguing these days.

Christian Bale with his obscenity filled temper tantrum.

Hillary Duff insulting Faye Dunaway.

Then, Stephen King admits he doesn’t think much of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s writing chops.

Now, R&B icon Etta James has some choice words to say about Beyoncé Knowles and her “At Last” performance at President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Ball.

Etta, 71, was caught on tape insulting Beyonce and Barack at a recent performance in Seattle.

Etta told the audience: You know, your president, the one with the big ears — he ain’t my president — had that woman singing for him at his inauguration. She’s going to get her — whooped … Beyonce … I can’t stand Beyonce.”

Everyone is throwing nasty insults. What is going on?


Dakota Fanning Keeping Her Fingers Crossed for ‘New Moon’

Photo from Dakota-Fanning.org

Photo from Dakota-Fanning.org

“New Moon”, part of the ever popular Twilight series, is still casting but there is talk that Dakota Fanning is currently negotiating for the role of Jane, a member of the deadly Volturi vampires from Italy, where much of “New Moon” takes place.

If she does get the part, Dakota said she won’t have to spend too much time in the makeup chair.

Access Hollywood spoke to Dakota who said,

“I don’t think they’ll have to put a lot of makeup on me,” she joked. “I’m pretty white already.”

Dakota added that doing the film would give her a boost with her “Twilighter” pals.

“Pretty much all my friends are pretty big fans, so it would be great,”

“Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will all be reprising their roles in “New Moon,” which goes into production in March.

What do you think – would Dakota make a good Jane??

Rob Pattinson In Trouble for Cutting His Hair


Rob Pattinson’s co-star Ashley Green spoke to E! and said,

 “I heard he got in trouble for cutting his hair. But what can I say? I like guys with longer hair. I think he’s getting enough flack, I’m sure. I mean his every move is recorded and photographed and documented, so I’m not going to give him a hard time.”

The producers of TWILIGHT were not happy with Rob secretly cutting his famous long hair.  Rob is known for his bouffant hairdo, but was pictured out last month  sporting a much shorter, cropped style. 

The change has left producers on the vampire movie’s sequel fuming, because Pattinson has signed on to reprise his cult character in New Moon, which begins shooting in March.

 I wonder how they are going to fix this one – a wig??  Or are they going to just go with the shorter hair style??

Twilight Sequel Confirmed!!


Twilight Poster

Twilight Poster

If there was any doubt – Summitt Entertainment has announced that they are already planning the sequel to “Twilight”, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.  The sequel “New Moon” is from the 2nd book in the “Twilight” series from Stephanie Meyer.

Stephanie Meyer stated,

“I don’t think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment. I’m thrilled to have the chance to work with them again on NEW MOON.”


In order to commit to a sequel, “Twilight” had to bring in a minimum of $100 million dollars.  The movie was sold out prior to being “officially” released. 

I am sure there is no doubt after this blockbuster weekend that the movie is going to make well over the $100 million goal!!


“Twilight” Coming Out Tonight!!!

Twilight Advertisement

Twilight Advertisement

I have been trying not to write about “Twilight” – I think I have been avoiding it because I know nothing about the books, movie, actors,….

I finally realized that there is absolutely no way to avoid discussing the movie, “Twilight”. It is being promoted everywhere. Television, Internet, Talk Shows. You name it. If you have not gotten tickets for the movie set to be released tonight at 12:01AM – then it will be virtually impossible to get them at this late date.

The star of the movie, Robert Pattinson is a British actor. He has been in another cult like series, Harry Potter. The actor plays good-guy vampire Edward Cullen in the film, based on a best-selling books series by Stephanie Meyer, and has become the heartthrob of the moment.

His co-star is Kristen Stewart, who plays Edward’s mortal love, Bella.

Pattinson has become an ICON virtually overnight. Screaming girls everywhere. It has gotten to the point that he needs a bodyguard when going to his press junkets.

There is already talk of possible sequels. There are three other novels in the Stephenie Meyer series so anything is possible.

Pattinson said that a script for a second film has been written, and Stewart heard the cast might reunite to film the second and third sequels at the same time, but now they might be filmed separately.

According to Catherine Hardwicke, the director,

“It has to make a certain amount of money, like $150 million, to be able to afford the sequel. So we really don’t know yet.”

I am willing to bet that it will make more than $150 milliion, what do you think??