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Heath Ledger’s Oscar Will Go To Matilda!!

Heath Ledger

If Heath Ledger is named best supporting actor at Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, his daughter, 3-year-oldMatilda Rose Ledger, will become the owner of the Oscar statuette, should he win for his portrait of the Joker in “The Dark Knight”

Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs last year at the age of 28.

Heath’s nomination, and his daughter’s young age, led to one of the trickiest situations the academy has dealt with in its eight decades of awarding posthumous Oscars.

According to the Huffington Post,

“It’s complicated, because there are two different questions that have to be answered,” says Bruce Davis, executive director of the academy. “First, we have to decide who gets the job of accepting the award onstage on the night of the ceremony. And then there’s the question of the eventual disposition of the posthumous statuette, which may not stay with the person who accepts it.”

Academy tradition calls for a posthumous statuette to go to the spouse, or, if there is no living spouse, to the oldest child. Heath and Michelle were not married – they weren’t even together at the time of Heath’s death – and Matilda is his only child.

The whole thing is so sad and unfortunate. I’m glad Matilda will receive the award – yet it is so unfortunate that Heath Ledger passed away at such a young age.


Freida Pinto Was Secretly Married??

Freida Pinto picture
Freida Pinto

According to the Daily Mail, Freida Pinto, the newest household name, of Slumdog Millionaire has been hiding a secret husband whom she has since broken it off with.

Freida Pinto is said to have married Rohan Antao at a ceremony in Goa in December 2007 but last month ended their relationship. The couple were previously thought only to have been engaged.

Newspapers in India are reporting the wedding took place in Mr Antao’s home town after the couple made an ‘impulsive’ decision to marry.

Their relationship appears to have floundered in the wake of Slumdog Millionaire’s success. It is claimed that Mr. Antao, a Mumbai-based executive, supported Pinto during filming but ‘she just stopped calling him’ at the time of the Golden Globes this year, according to reports.

“He is completely shocked at being dumped and is heartbroken” a friend has said

Freida has refused to discuss her private life despite all the publicity surrounding Slumdog Millionaire.

Her agent in India, Meenakshi Gehani, said last night:

‘We do not want to comment. However, if she is married then whoever is claiming it should produce a marriage certificate.’

What do you think – is there any truth to this rumor??

Fact or Fiction – Rachel Bilson Engaged to Hayden Christensen??


A Page Six spy spotted Rachel Bilson on a Virgin America flight from LA to JFK Monday night with her mother and has reported the actress is engaged to longtime beau Hayden Christensen.

“A man sitting in front of her on the plane saw a ring on her finger and asked if she was married,” the Page Six spy, overheard Bilson reply, “I’m not married yet, just engaged. I know I look like I’m 15, but I’m actually 27.”

Her rep didn’t return calls.

What do you think – could there be any truth to this??